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Happy mom with daughter using a laptop, watching TV shows while video chatting with other family members.
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Video chat, play games and watch videos with your family and close friends

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  • Make scheduled & instant video calls

  • Easily play multi-player games

  • Watch videos together

Make your family ties and friendships stronger by using delightful Video Chat apps that remove tech-stress, empowering everyone to enjoy them regardless of tech experience

Easy and fun video calls

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Why Clanzy

Clanzy app screenshot showing the Clanzy contacts list, with one contact selected and the Clanzy "Instant Call" button.

Easy and confusionless to use

Designed for everyone in your family groups of close friends to be able to use whether “tech-savvy” or not. Say “goodbye” to “copy URL”!

Accessible to all

Easy to read and navigate, unambiguous instructions – made to be inclusive from the outset.

No signups to join a call

People you invite to a call don’t need a Clanzy account. Your guests join calls just by clicking a single button from your invitation.

Privacy friendly

Industry best practice security and encryption is on by default. That means that you’re protected, no fear of strangers listening or viewing your call.

Longer call duration

Unlimited one-to-one calls and up to 90 minutes free for groups calls by default. An option for longer calls for free also.

Support each other

Guardian tools enable you to securely manage another’s account on their behalf (eg set up their contacts), assist them with video meeting controls, and even provide remote support on demand.

Probably the easiest to use video chat on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clanzy free?

Clanzy accounts are free, and there is no cost to create and join Clanzy calls and use the basic entertainment package. In the future we will offer paid upgrades.

Do I need Clanzy if I already use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Hangouts,  WhatsApp or Facetime?

Clanzy accounts are free, and there is no cost to create and join Clanzy calls and use the basic entertainment package. In the future we will offer paid upgrades.Clanzy video calling functionality shares similarities to all of the above. The differences are:

• You’re not locked into one of the tech giant’s platforms.  

• No need to fear your personal data is being traded in return for your “free” product.

• Clanzy is designed for consumers – whereas Zoom for example is a  was always designed for business, making it confusing to a lot of people for personal use.

• Clanzy is built on “Confusionless Technology” to provide a  delightful experience for everyone, especially less technical people.  

• Clanzy is more than just video calls. Clanzy enables family members and groups of close friends to be able to socialize together no matter where they are, in a single seamless environment, that everyone knows how to use.

What devices does Clanzy run on?

You can create and join Clanzy calls in Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and Safari browsers on desktop computers, laptops, iPads and most tablets.

There’s also a Windows app that gives you an enhanced experience.

Can I use Clanzy for group calls?

Yes - group call participants can be other Clanzy users as well as guests without Clanzy accounts – Clanzy gives you an intuitive seamless experience for both you and your invitees regardless of whether they’ve used Clanzy before, without them needing to do any sign-up.

How do I invite people to Clanzy calls?

All you need is someone’s email address and we do the rest. No switching between programs, no copy/paste, no “meeting URLs” (unless you want them), no complicated settings - Clanzy automatically takes care of delivering invitations for you.

Each email address used is automatically saved into your Clanzy address book for ease of access in the future.

You can even connect Clanzy to your Google, Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook or Yahoo accounts to automatically bring all your existing contacts and email addresses into Clanzy, to save you typing or manually copying them.

Why call it Clanzy?

Clanzy is designed for groups of family members and close friends to socialize in a friendly, relaxed private online experience. We think of these groups of people who are closest to you as your “Clans”. From “clans” the name “Clanzy” was born, to highlight the close-knit nature of the app, different from social media and gaming platforms where “everything” is “shared”.

Designed for families and close friends to have fun while video chatting

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