We’re on a mission to give people confusionless tech products - designed with all users in mind.

Claudiu Ciungan, Managing Director

These days tech products are usually designed for people who are tech savvy, and typically target specific demographics (Gen X-Y-Z, Seniors etc), or types of users (business users, “gamers”, “Apple users” etc).

But families, and close circles of friends, have people from all stages of life, backgrounds, interests – and tech-savviness – who are all equally valuable.

By empowering everyone to use tech products, nobody in your family and close circle of friends is left behind - making your family ties stronger!

The story so far

Thoughtful mature husband, resting on a sofa at home and feeling lonely.

The need

“I want to hang out with my family”

During the pandemic of 2020, Appstractor Corporation CEO Paul Rosenthal, his family, and family friends wanted to stay in touch with each other.

Stressed frustrated young female student looking at the laptop and trying to organize a group video chat with her family.

The problem

“This seems just too complicated for me”

Like millions of others, video meeting apps were adopted by the extended  Rosenthal family, who were spread across the UK, US and Israel. Paul was dismayed though how complicated some family members and friends found them. Eventually everyone was able to join a group video call, but few understood how to organize their own calls.

Excited young girl gesturing happines with her hands, while video chatting and playing multiplayer games at the same time.

How it could be better

“I would like to play games and watch videos together with the group while video chatting”

With grandchildren bored at home and grandparents unable to go out, Paul hit on the idea that they could entertain each other by playing online games together while video chatting. Few in the family though could master on their own setting up multi-player games and video chatting at the same time.

Several almost smashed laptops and tablets later, they all gave up on the idea. "Just too hard" - plus Paul couldn't be a dedicated "Family Help  Desk" as he still had his “day job”.

Little girl and her grandfather are using a laptop at home to video call their family. It is dark and the screen is illuminating their happy faces while they wave to the screen.

The solution

“Confusionless video app that everyone knows how to use”

Paul told his team at Appstractor “Poorly designed software that frustrates people makes me so angry - people shouldn’t feel they need to ask the family techie to set up a meeting or game for them. And if the family techie does need to help out, the software should make it easier,  not harder.”

Together the team created Clanzy as a complete face to face meeting, chatting, entertainment and support platform for families and groups of close friends – that anyone can use.

Created with “Confusionless Design” methodology

Clanzy is built from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, flowing and delightful for EVERYONE to use, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Every feature and action in the software is rigorously analyzed and re analyzed “how would other people see this? Would they know what to do? How do we make it obvious to them what to do next?”

Descriptive terminology

We use descriptive wording to tell you precisely what each button, link or icon does, so there is no confusion about what pressing it is going to do.

Simple and intuitive flows

To make it clear to you how to achieve your desired goal, each step you need to take is clearly “signposted”, so you’re never left “wondering” what you need to press.

Most important features are prominent

Advanced settings and functions are out of the way, so non-techie users are not be overwhelmed with options.

Happy grandfather, young adult and grandson having fun using a laptop computer and video chatting at home, sitting on a sofa.

No “Tech stress”

"Confusionless design" removes the anxiety from using apps so everyone can have a more delightful experience, regardless of their familiarity with tech products

Designed for families and close friends to have fun while video chatting

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