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Get an improved even easier to use experience by using the Clanzy Windows app

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Clanzy Windows app is coming soon

Full video phone experience

The Clanzy Windows app is always ready to receive, join and make instant one-to-one and groups calls with no logins needed, just like a regular phone.

Even easier to navigate

As a standalone Windows app like all your others, Clanzy is always available, easy to find and look at whenever you need it. During video calls, you don't need to worry about browser tabs getting lost or disappearing.

Get desktop notifications

Easier to stay in touch and know what's going on with your family and friends by receiving instant notifications of scheduled calls and calls about to start.

Getting “tech support” from family and friends

If someone in your circle of family and friends needs a little extra help with Clanzy calls, or using their computer in general, the Clanzy Windows app can help. Anyone can nominate a “Guardian user” to manage their in call experience, as well as remote access their screen to provide “tech support” for Windows issues in general.

Designed for families and close friends to have fun while video chatting

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